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Danner Military Boots

Danner Military Boots are known for their old world craftsmanship and high-end materials – full grain leathers, 3M Thinsulate, GORE-TEX, and Cambrelle nylon. Danner has legions of fans that recraft their boots, keeping the same pair for many years. Many Danner boot styles are made in the USA in Portland, Oregon.

Danner Acadia

The Danner Arcadia collection is steeped in quality and functionality. Built to operate in intense desert combat, the USA-made boot line comes with many different features for both men and women. Stitch-down construction creates a wider, sturdier platform and allows for the boots to be re-crafted at any point. This line is best known for its durability, Gore-Tex water resistance and ankle support.

Danner Canadian

The possibilities are numerous with the Danner Canadian boot. These boots are ideal for people who trek through the wilderness. The waterproof design is specifically made for those who need comfort but cannot afford to have the durability of the boot compromised. Its lightweight construction prevents foot fatigue and enables wearers to travel for longer periods of time. Although lightweight, the design does not interfere with the overall insulation of the boot. With 600 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, feet remain warm. These boots feature an instep that protects the heel and the arch, guaranteeing comfort and safety for all who wear them.

Danner Desert Acadia

Standing up to tough conditions is what Danner Desert Acadia boots do best. This boot is made for extreme-temperate climates and can take both the heat and the cold. Rough-out leather and extra-strong nylon form an upper that resists mildew and moisture, while a Gore-Tex lining creates an impermeable water barrier. Multi-directional treads in the Vibram Sierra sole deliver superior grip and sure-footed performance, no matter the surface or forecast. Made in the U.S. by a brand that is a top pick of the nation's military and police personnel, the Danner Desert Acadia is durable enough to survive the toughest jobs in the world.

Danner DFA

Take the battle to the next level with a pair of Danner DFA military boots. Make a vertical assault in boots made for controlled rope climbing and missions that require one to stay sure-footed. Choose military-standard 8 inch boots or the stealth profile and optimal maneuverability of mid-cut 4.5 inch boots. Get the advantage of low-oil, nubuck leather combined with lightweight, but heavy-duty, nylon uppers in this lace-up tactical boot. The outer sole features a specially designed Vibram insert and low-profile lug pattern especially suited to rappelling. Wear these boots with pride and confidence, regardless of the branch or capacity of service.

Danner Elk Ridge

The Danner Elk Ridge line of boots is primarily designed for hunting, but the rugged construction is suitable for any high-impact activity. These full-grain leather boots are specially designed to withstand difficult terrain with features such as 1000-denier nylon uppers and GORE-TEX liners. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for durability, however. The stitchdown design and Fatigue Fighter foot pad found in every boot ensures that feet are not tired at the end of the day. Rugged, comfortable boots are hard to come by, but that all ends now with the functional comfort of Elk Ridge boots.

Danner Explorer

Danner Explorer boots give feet the power to go anywhere they have to travel. Featuring Vibram Kletterlift outsoles, these sturdy shoes deliver comfort and shock absorption along with the traction needed to grip the road on any terrain. The Gore-Tex, rubber and tough stitchdown construction are integrated with full-grain leather uppers and polyurethane midsoles to deliver optimal cushioning and support. These waterproof, moisture wicking boots take feet the distance, whether on a hike, wilderness trek or camping adventure. They can withstand the toughest trails. When it is important not to compromise on a pair of good boots, the Explorer is a wise choice.

Danner Flashpoint

The workday is now easier with Danner Flashpoint boots, plain toe work boots designed for use by wildland firefighters. Their stitchdown construction allows for a wider platform, which provides increased stability to the wearer. The boots are made of puncture-resistant, chemically-treated and fire retardant leather. They are ideal for any firefighter looking for rugged durability and protection from both the natural environment and dangers imposed by fire. Protection is of the utmost importance, especially in these dangerous environments. Used not just by firefighters, these boots are known for strong ankle and arch support, beneficial for long-distance hiking and everyday use.

Danner Fort Lewis

Choose Danner Fort Lewis boots for sturdy, reliable footwear for warriors in both military and law enforcement. Designed by two Army officers, these boots more than satisfy U.S. Army Forces Command standards and requirements. Gore-Tex liner is incorporated into the boots, which makes them waterproof and keeps feet dry and protected. Providing stability and traction, the Vibram Kletterlift outsoles absorb shock to keep the wearer more energetic and less fatigued. The 200 grams of Thinsulate delivers loads of warmth and offers lightweight insulation for those working in colder climates. This boot is ideal for military, EMS, foot patrol and law enforcement applications.

Danner Gavre

Perfect for a day at the range, the Danner Gavre mixes functionality and comfort. Made of waterproof, durable leather, the upper also features abrasion-resistant nylon weave that can take on the elements. For further protection from the onslaught of unwanted moisture, the boots are outfitted with a Gore-Tex lining. The pentagonal lugs on the outsole and polypropylene board ensure stable support over any terrain. Casual and durable, the Tachyon was made for long days filled with adventures.

Danner Grouse

Experience only comfort and stability with the Danner Grouse style of boot. Each of these boots is crafted with full-grain leather, a breathable waterproof Gore-Tex bootie and an abrasion resistant Cambrelle lining that enables feet to stay dry and comfortable even in the most extreme types of terrain and climates. To reduce foot fatigue, these boots come complete with an air cushioned sole which ensures the foot falls flat, even on unstable or uneven ground. These boots are also outfitted with a Bob sole that features perimeter lugs for stability and superior traction, even when walking through mud and snowy conditions.

Danner High Country

Capture the prey in Danner High Country boots. Made for big-game hunting, these rugged boots are constructed with full-grain leather paired with heavy-duty nylon. They measure eight inches in height, a standard for military footwear. Enjoy round-the-clock comfort provided by the trademarked Fatigue Fighter footbed, while the benefiting from the extra stability that the Vibram sole delivers on uneven terrain. Get the Gore-Tex advantage of waterproof performance in this lace-up boot along with a specially engineered, lightweight edge over heavier footwear. No matter the quarry, it is no match for this tough tactical boot that is made to hit the ground running.

Danner Hood Winter

Danner Hood Winter boots offer strength and durability that makes them an ideal shoe for a variety of applications, events and environments. These boots are made for walking, hiking, hunting and mountain climbing and feature Gore-Tex lining and lightweight insulation to protect feet in cold and damp climates. Its outsole is designed for strong shock absorption, traction and stability on almost any kind of surface, wet or dry. Every pair of these boots feature handcrafted stitchdown construction for a wider platform, which provides increased underfoot stability. This composition also enables Danner to re-craft the boot in its Portland, Oregon factory if necessary.

Danner Jackal

Trek stealthily through the woods in comfort with a pair of Danner Jackal boots. These boots have Phantom outsoles and lightweight uppers to keep them quiet. A person wearing a pair of these does not have to worry about scaring off whatever it is he or she is stalking. Hike for hours on end in these boots, as they are light and easy to walk in. They are integrated with Gore-Tex fabric to provide. These boots are available in many different camouflage patterns to ensure safety for those needing to remain hidden. For an active person who likes to travel through the forest, there is no better shoe.

Danner Kinetic

Danner Kinetic boots have the toughest exterior and the softest interior of any on the market. The mesh inner lining absorbs moisture and keeps feet warm and dry all day in a full-grain leather boot. These boots clean up and polish easily to maintain an excellent appearance at all times. The midsole provides the necessary cushioning for the arch and the reinforced heel protects the metatarsals. The technology trademarked by Kinetic makes the surface contact superior for maintaining traction and accelerating rapidly. At six inches high and a weight of only 50 ounces, the boot is available in extended sizes for the larger foot or in reduced sizes for women.

Danner Light

Get Danner Light boots when reliability and durability are essential. The extremely durable outer materials provide the right amount of air circulation to keep feet comfortable all day long. Deep lugs provide traction that makes even extreme terrain more accessible. Moisture barriers help maintain dry interiors and the special footbed ensures a premium fit. Layers of polyurethane and rubber absorb potentially harmful impacts, preventing the injuries common among people traversing long distances. Get the boots made specifically for performance and safety. With good footwear, tackling challenges is easier and more effective. Always stay fast, strong and fully focused on the work ahead.

Danner Marine

For a boot that appeals to men and women alike, Danner Marine fits the bill. These boots feature full-grain rough out leather uppers and sturdy stitching for the ultimate in durability. The specialized speed laces reach all of the way to the toe, allowing for a better fit and more support on long treks. The Danner Marine is 100 percent waterproof and breathable and also features a Vibram outsole for traction on various wet and dry surfaces. The fiberglass shank, supportive wide platform and stitchdown pattern are just a few of the other many features of this boot, which is made in the USA.

Danner Melee

These boots were made for walking—and close quarter attacks. Chockfull of the latest technologies, the Melee is Danner's lightest boot ever. Although super lightweight, the boot boasts an outsole with central 360° pentagonal low lug and rugged outer lug patterns to maximize multidirectional surface grip. The outsole sheds water and provides maximum surface contact. On the medial side of the arch, the Vibram V-4 ultra-abrasion rubber compound allows for better control when fast roping. As for its comfort, it has an EVA midsole that provides cushion and shock absorption. The midsole's ESS coating fights abrasion. The toe cap and heel cap are also abrasion resistant. A great footwear choice for any smash and grab mission, the Melee is durable and will not weigh wearers down.

Danner Mountain Assault

The Mountain Assault Boot was created for rough, outdoor wear. The upper is composed of durable leather and is outfitted with an abrasion-resistant 360-degree rubber rand that ensures the footwear continues to perform. The lacing system keeps that foot securely in place. It offers protection from the elements with its breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex lining. Engineered for stability, the Dynamic Response System incorporates framework and a shock-absorbing dual-density PU midsole. Conquer any number of mountains and rocky landscapes in these tough-as-nails Danner military boots.

Danner Patrol

Danner Patrol military boots are made with full-grain leather and denier nylon uppers that ensure durability and rugged performance. They feature an inside lining that is waterproof and constructed with Gore-tex technology, which means they are easy to clean and provide superior comfort. These lightweight boots never weigh the wearer down; this is partially due to their Vibram 1276 Sierra outsole that allows for the ultimate shock absorption with every step that is taken. The quality stitch down design and extra wide outsoles increase stability and performance, which makes these boots a favorite among those that are employed by the military or law enforcement fields.

Danner Power Foreman

Feel the difference in Danner Power Foreman work boots. These heavy-duty boots are constructed with a fiberglass shank and a non-metal safety toe but are surprisingly lightweight. Moreover, the absence of a steel toe or shank makes these boots safe for working around electric lines because they are non-conductive. Triple stitching reinforces the construction of the boots, and a double layer of leather over the front of the foot makes them extra durable. Despite their rugged design, comfort is not sacrificed. A padded footbed and wider sole base offer comfort as well as stability. The non-tracking, non-marking boots only leave a mark where it counts - by getting the job done.

Danner Pronghorn

Danner Pronghorn boots are designed specifically for rigorous, demanding service. Equipped with waterproof liners that allow air circulation, these boots provide protection in even the worst kinds of weather conditions. Nylon shanks improve foot stability, helping to prevent injuries. Deep padding gives feet essential cushioning and the outsole is designed to enhance traction in every type of terrain. Scuff resistance and durable uppers make the boots look good, even on the most demanding day. Each pair of boots is engineered with special support systems that make it easy to stay focused on the task at hand. They provide high performance results for outdoor enthusiasts.

Danner Quarry

Pride in a job well done is the hallmark of Danner Quarry boot makers. Easy to polish, this handsome boot offers protection and superior functionality. Coming out of the great Northwest, the makers of Danner boots know all about working outdoors in hard and difficult conditions. These boots are completely waterproof and breathable, featuring Gore-Tex technology, which ensures complete foot protection. Triple stitched for increased stability and durability, this high quality, attention to detail guarantees the footwear will outperform similar styles. The Fatigue Fighter footbed makes the boot comfortable for long days and the steel shank provides a strong platform.

Danner Rain Forest

Danner Rain Forest work boots provide the utmost in comfort, durability and protection. Best of all they are made in the United States. The Gore-Tex lining in these boots allow for breathable, waterproof protection in any weather and the Thinsulate lining protects feet from the cold. These boots are also designed with soles that offer significant support and maximum traction on wet or dry surfaces. For an additional level of protection, they feature a triple-stitched, full-grain leather construction with a double layer over the toe box and on the top of the foot. No matter the weather or the conditions, these boots provide protection, stability and support.

Danner RAT

Designed with the military in mind, Danner RAT boots can handle the roughest of terrains. With polyurethane coated leather over both toe and heel, these boots master all unfavorable conditions, such as mud, snow, sand and ice. These boots are made with quality, comfort, style and durability. The 100 percent breathable and waterproof finish provides true comfort, keeping feet dry and warm despite harsh elements. The lace system offers a tight and secure fit for necessary ankle and foot support all throughout the day. Heading outdoors with a pair of RAT boots is the way to ensure effective protection for a rigorous journey on the mountain.

Danner Recon

The Danner Recon military boot is an advanced boot with a traditional look, making it a great choice for those who serve in the United States Armed Forces. This style of boot features a wide base platform, which gives the wearer more support and makes for greater comfort on longer walks and runs. The boots also contain authentic Thinsulate insulation, making them ideal for cold weather. The Ketterlift sole is also suitable for icy, wet ground and the lace-to-toe pattern allows the wearer to tighten the boot to stabilize the fit. The Recon is undoubtedly an advanced boot, but it blends in well with the rest of the pack.

Danner Rivot

For those missions that require serious action, Danner Rivot military boots were made to support multi-directional and pivotal movements. Constructed on the TFX platform, its Vibram outsole with 360-degree lug pattern offers exceptional traction and maneuverability. Broad flat lugs are located at the toe, heel and outer edges to provide traction against walls and rocks. Rugged and durable, its upper is made of rough-out leather and nylon. Crafted to take on the heat, its innovative spacer mesh encourages airflow throughout the boot. Berry compliant, the boots meet Army (AR 670-1) requirements for optional wear. In addition, the polyurethane footbed absorbs shock. When things start to warm up, the Rivot will keep feet cool and comfortable.

Danner Sierra

Many have experienced the difference with Danner Sierra military boots, insulated three-season boots with full-grain leather and Cordura uppers. This boot is designed for a versatile fit and features a midsole that molds easily to the foot within several wears. Gore-Tex lining keeps feet dry, while also allowing them to breathe and 200 grams of real Thinsulate insulation protect from bitter temperatures. The outside of this boot is also notably durable, as it features multiple rear lugs for traction and stability on rough terrain. At eight inches in height, it is classified as the military standard. Each boot weighs 69 ounces and is made in the USA for use by hunters, law enforcement agents and military personnel.

Danner Station / Office

The search for the perfect casual boot ends with Danner Station / Office boots. Great multi-taskers, these boots can go from action to laid-back with ease. They are crafted with high quality, quick polish, full-grain leather uppers that last for years with proper care. The moisture-wicking lining keeps the wearer's feet dry and warm even after long days of work, while trademarked Fatigue Fighter insoles keep feet comfortable and energized with advanced shock absorption and added padding. These mid-rise slip-on ankle boots also come equipped with Vibram Duralogical slip and oil resistant outsoles for superior handling on nearly any surface.

Danner Striker

Walk in true comfort and style with a pair of Danner Striker boots. These boots feature a lightweight and low profile design that provides great comfort and feel for the wearer. They are made with full-grain leather and feature an upper nylon finish for extra durability. They are 100 percent breathable and waterproof. Their design and fit are similar to that of an athletic shoe. These boots showcase a platform design that is guaranteed to provide stability and support to the feet. The outsoles are oil and water resistant, which provides high traction. These boots are perfect for military personnel or for those who work in law enforcement.

Danner Tachyon

Take lightweight to a whole new level! Danner's Tachyon features a completely synthetic, featherweight upper. Ready for fast-paced missions, the boots have abrasion-resistant toe caps and speed lacing for a secure fit. Their rubber outsoles include pentagonal lugs for surefootedness and supreme control. Adding to its wearability, the footwear includes comfort technologies like EVA cushioning and shock-absorbing midsole. Stay light on your feet in the Tachyon.

Danner Tanicus

Adapt to any environment in the Danner Tanicus. The Tanicus’ athletic design and cushioning polyurethane footbed make your feet ready to adjust to any situation in supreme comfort. Designed to withstand the elements and rugged terrain, the Tanicus features a durable, waterproof rough-out leather upper with lightweight nylon to ensure superior protection and breathability. The moisture-wicking mesh lining and lightweight construction leaves your feet feeling ventilated in even the hottest of conditions. No matter where your tour of duty takes you, you can be ready for any mission in the Tanicus.

Danner TFX

When duty calls in blistering conditions, pick up Danner TFX. The lightweight footwear is built for hot, rugged climates where pursing combatants is the name of the game. Available now in A-TACS, the battle-ready boots are constructed with top technology to take on diverse terrains found around the globe. Danner’s patented lightweight Terra Force X system provides superior stability and support.

Danner Trophy

Danner Powerline boots are a wise investment for those looking to give feet the gift of comfort and strength. With extra-strong steel shanks, breathable linings and reinforced midsoles, these boots are built to climb and minimize foot fatigue. The uppers are made of double-thick, full-grain leather and Gore-Tex to resist water, lime and alkaline substances. They keep feet protected and dry in the roughest conditions. The new 200-gram Thinsulate insulation adds light warmth in cold weather. The handcrafted stitch-down construction provides a wide platform for solid stability underfoot. These boots feature Vibram Logger triple outsoles for optimal traction. Triple stitching, especially in the insteps, ensures durability.

Danner USAF

Prepare for take-off in Danner USAF boots. Approved for use by the US Air Force, these rugged, military boots are certified flightworthy. Handcrafted in the USA with Danner's famous stitchdown technique, these standard, eight-inch military boots feature full-grain leather uppers reinforced by heavy-duty high-count denier nylon. From the military-grade Vibram outsole that grips treacherous terrain to a speed-lacing system that extends all the way to the toe, the USAF boot reflects a smart design with soldiers in mind. Get superior fit, support and stability in a combat footwear that is tough enough to pass any US Air Force test.

Danner Vandal

The Danner Vandal is an all-purpose work boot that is made with the finest leather. It features a high-quality footbed, a tough safety toe and firm stitching that can withstand any beating. The non-metallic safety toe offers firm protection and the full-grain leather upper keeps feet safe and supported. A dense midsole and Achilles heel pad serve as cushioning while the body is in motion, while a Terra Force platform adds ideal rigidity that still allows the foot to bend when needed. Danner Vandal boots also feature Thinsulate insulation for warmth and a special Vibram traction system to prevent slipping on icy surfaces. This is a great boot for inclement weather. - Your Military Boots Superstore

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